Forbidden Book

by | May 21, 2007 | Bible, Persecution

“Get that book out of here!”

Gloria was stunned by her parents’ intense anger. How could a Bible be such a bad thing? When she brought home this gift she had received at school, she thought her parents would be pleased. Instead, they forbid her to read it and told her to destroy it! Her parents’ vehement reaction would soon come to haunt them.

It was only a few months later that Gloria suddenly became ill and died. Grieving her loss, Gloria’s parents sadly sorted through her belongings. As they emptied Gloria’s school bag, they discovered the small Bible they had angrily demanded that she destroy. But it was no longer the clean, crisp book she had brought home with her just a short while ago. Now it looked worn, dog-eared, and well read.

On the inside of the front cover, above the Bible League emblem, they found Gloria’s handwriting: “Today Jesus, I give my life to you. Be my life, Jesus.”

Gloria’s parents stared at this short message. As they held their daughter’s forbidden Bible they could not be angry. Instead, they felt hope that maybe there was life after death. To settle their curiosity, they went to a Christian pastor—carrying Gloria’s Bible—and asked him question after question.

Today, Gloria’s parents have found faith in Jesus and become members of an evangelical church in their South American city. And they each have their own copy of the Bible.

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Forbidden Book