A “Faithful” Pet

by | May 21, 2007 | Faith, Faithfulness, Prayer

This morning, I came downstairs to drink some coffee and read for a few minutes before getting ready for church. I had just sat down when Comet, our very spoiled dog, announced that she wanted “snackees.” I told her “no, I’ll get them in a minute,” and proceeded to read my book. She waited a few minutes, then barked her request again. Again, I refused her, and she lay down a few feet away, resigned to the fact that she would remain snackless. After about 20 minutes, I stood up to go to the laundry room to get my clothes for church, and as I stood, she leapt to her feet, cocked her head sideways and watched me. (Our pantry is right beside the laundry room door.) As I passed the pantry doors, she ran to the spot where we give her the cherished treats. (We call that “snackee position!) I chuckled and said, “ok — how can I not give you your snackees?”

I thought about that on my way upstairs and marveled at her faith. She didn’t just wish I would give her a treat, she didn’t just hope I would do it — she expected it! I wondered if that’s how God is with me. Does He watch to see if I really expect Him to answer my prayers? Does He refuse long enough to see if my faith will be expressed with expectancy? Does He smile and ask, “my beloved daughter, how can I not give you what you need?”

Did He not say “ask, and you shall receive?” Did He not ask, “if your son asks you for bread, will you give him a stone?”

If I, loving our family pet, would not refuse to give her the desired dog biscuits, how much more will my loving Father be sure to give me, if I ask in faith, and trust in His love and provision!

Thank you, God, for allowing my dog to remind me that my prayers must be accompanied by faithful expectation!

Debbie C. Parker DebbieDCP@aol.com


A “Faithful” Pet