Take It to the Tree

by | May 20, 2007 | Poem, Salvation

Your burdens seems so heavy, too much for you to bear,
And you think that there is no-one who understands or even cares.
You’re not as close to Jesus as you’d like to be.
But, I have some good news for you. You can take it to the tree.  

Our Savior understands you and He’s willing to forgive.
He will lift those burdens from you, so that you can start to live.
Find your comfort in His loving arms. And I’m sure that you’ll agree,
There’s no problem too big for Him to solve, when you take it to the tree.  

Put your pain beneath His cleansing blood.
That’s all he asks of you. He will heal your broken heart.
There is nothing He can’t do. Even when it seems as though your life is at an end,
Just run into His loving arms, He will be your dearest friend.  

He will listen so intently to your every care and woe
And, no matter what the hardship is, He already seems to know.
He will always be your comfort and supply your every need.
All you have to do is ask Him, when you take it to the tree.  

© 2006 by Vickie Lambdin vlambdin@bellsouth.net


Take It to the Tree