Slowing Down a Fast Moving Truck

by | May 20, 2007 | Angels, Miracles

Steve explained that despite his mother being 93 years old, she still visited needy people, and would bring food, medicine or anything else they needed. One day she had been in a house where the driveway wound through heavy brush and trees right into a very busy highway. Now, attempting to back out, she could barely see the oncoming traffic, and realized how difficult and dangerous the conditions were. “Finally,” said Steve, “it looked clear, and she gunned the engine and reversed out of the driveway.” Too late she realized that a huge truck was bearing down on her car, now halfway out in the road. She cried out to God.

Then Steve’s mother saw an enormous angel behind her car. The angel put its hand on the truck’s hood and slowed it long enough so she could completely back up, and then drive forward. As she did so, the angel faded away, but there was now plenty of room between her and the truck.

The elderly woman wanted to believe what she had seen, but was it true? And who would believe her if she told anyone? She wondered if the trucker himself had seen anything unusual. Could it have been her imagination?

At about the same time, there was a preacher living nearby. He was devout and loved the Lord, but he wasn’t exactly convinced that angels existed. For awhile, he had been asking God to instruct him, and if there were indeed angels, to show him in some way.

On a particular morning, he was driving down a highway that was always quite busy. Ahead of him, on the other side, he saw an elderly woman attempting to back out into the road. However, he could see what she didn’t—there was a truck bearing down on her. The trucker probably hadn’t seen her yet, but when he did, there wouldn’t be enough time to avoid a crash.

Then the preacher saw something wonderful! A huge winged angel appeared between the two vehicles. Gracefully, the angel reached over to the truck, now within a short distance from the car. The angel touched the truck’s hood, and it slowed immediately. That few seconds helped the other driver pull her car into the road, and proceed safely.

The preacher, stunned beyond words, went home and wrote up his experience, sending it to a popular angel magazine, where Steve’s mother read it and realized that there was indeed a witness to her miracle. Whether the two ever met, we don’t know. But they both received what they needed most.

Joan Anderson Copyrighted by Joan Wester Anderson, used with permission. Originally appeared on the Where Angels Walk website, .


Slowing Down a Fast Moving Truck