Without Identity

by | May 21, 2006 | God's Love

If you were caught alone somewhere without any identification and had to convince someone who you were, would you be able to do it? Do you look like the public, professional image you have created? Would someone believe that you have three children, two grandchildren and you are a retired company executive living in Boca Raton?

Now, see yourself in sweat pants and a t-shirt, no wallet, no watch, or jewelry and no cash in your pockets.

This is you without the labels, the identification cards, credit cards, cell phone or fancy business suit. Just you. All you have is the knowledge, wisdom and memories of a lifetime and the ability to speak.

Last night at 8:00 pm I was scheduled for an MRI. You know that long coffin like tube that they slide you into and scan your body for abnormalities.

From past experience I have learned to take only the essentials with me to tests like this. My wife didn’t recently and had to wear paper pants. I did not want to face that humiliation. Open back hospital gowns with black socks and dress shoes is embarrassing enough for me.

I readied myself for the trip to the imaging center by leaving behind everything that identified who I was. I actually stood in front of a full length mirror and questioned myself. You see, I go through this routine everyday. I put cash in my pocket, my wallet, my rings, my watch and my keys seemingly make me complete. I grab my cell phone and get into my car.

But standing there last night I suddenly realized how much I depend on things to complete my wholeness.

“Am I no one without this stuff?,” I asked my wife. “I don’t know. Aren’t there people who have more stuff then imaginable and still have no real idea who they are?,” she replied.

That’s when it hit me. Part of the problem we have in society is our relationship with things. We are what we wear, drive, carry, own and desire. We have truly lost contact with ourselves.

Here’s a challenge for you. Go some where like the mall with no ID, wallet, rings, cash etc. Wear a basic outfit, perhaps sweat pants and shirt. Just walk around. Listen to yourself. Walk through your favorite stores and look at things. How does it feel that you can’t purchase anything? How does it feel that you don’t have 35 cents to make a call? If you were stopped by security and they wanted an ID and you couldn’t produce one, how would you explain who you were and would they believe you?

I believe that if we were comfortable with who we were and if we were connected enough to what was inside of our being, we would be confident enough to explain ourselves. That confidence would come across as someone in control, someone believable.

I was so lost without my stuff that I felt weakened and a bit scared. This meant I am not as connected to “self” as I thought I was.

So I ask you this:

If you were about to die and I placed you on a scale and noted the exact weight and then upon your passing, weighed you again, would you weigh the same?

“Of course!,” you say. Then where are you?

This body is yours. Your stuff remains. Isn’t this who you are?

No. The real you is spirit and soul. It’s what you think and feel. It is the way you respond to others that would be missing in their lives. It’s your giggle, your smile and friendly gestures, it’s your volunteer time given from your caring spirit, it’s your words of compassion and love that identifies you correctly. Your stuff remains but speaks nothing of you.

The part that is valued most is what we understand least.

And in the end you need no wallet, credit cards or cell phone. In fact, tell them you want to wear your sweats. The part that finally gets you rewards and recognition has nothing to do with stuff. But everything to do with what was inside.

God says, “Welcome home.” Not ” May I see some identification?” He knows you by who you were, what you thought and the actions you took.

Now, who are you?

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Without Identity