Making Mud Pies

by | May 21, 2006 | Creation, God's Love

“Let’s watch to see what he does next,” said angel one to angel two

“Do you think he’ll do any more than he’s already done?” Asked angel two.

“He has put up the stars and made the oceans and he’s got the earth going pretty thoroughly – lots of birds and things in the garden. He’s done a lot but I don’t think he’s finished yet,” said angel one.

“But do you really think he’ll do any more?” Asked angel two.

“Well, he’s got that far away look in his rainbow. I saw it before he started and now it’s all over him again. Let’s watch,” said angel one.

“Sshh,” whispered angel two, “He’s talking, sshh. Can you hear him?”

“Yeah, but who’s he talking to?” And angel one bent forward, leaning further and further over the edge of the space-away deck he was watching from so he could see better. And they had not noticed that on the other side of the garden, the dark angel on the dark space-away was looking and listening equally intently.

Neither did they see the dark angel slip down off the space-away and land himself invisibly in one of the trees in the middle of the garden. He ingratiated himself with the iridescent-winged flying serpent and then they also watched to see what would happen next.

“They’re all there!” Angel one went on, “all three of them. Look – it is the whole Elohim! Look, look, there’s the Father, and the Creator and the Holy Spirit. And they’re all inside the rainbow! Phew! It must be important!”

“Sshh,” whispered angel two again. “The rainbow has closed in tight around them. They’re conferencing.”

“And they’re deadly serious,” replied angel one, anxiety spreading all across his face.

“Sshh,” whispered angel two yet again, “they’re saying – ” and he turned his head slightly to hear better, “they’re saying ‘let’s ma – ma – make – m – man – in .”

“‘In our image!’ I heard it myself,” announced angel one. “‘Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness!’ Phew. That’s what they’re going to do, they’re going to make a special Special patterned on themselves.” And he gulped.

“Sshh, listen, there’s more. They’re still talking. Sshh.” Angel two stretched further over the edge. “They’re saying ‘L – l – let him have dom – dom – dominion over the – the fish and, and, the birds and – and the animals and – and all living things and – and all the creepy crawlies! Wow!”

And they watched as Elohim gathered up a heap of dust. Then he laid out a shape and added a bucket of water so it would hold together and he formed the eyes and ears and nose and mouth, rounded off the limbs and straightened the trunk.

“He’s just playing!” Lamented angel one turning away in disappointment.

“He’s making a mud pie!” Exploded angel two. “What an insult to themselves after saying they would make an image. Makes you wonder if we’re on the right side.”

“Perhaps the dark one was right after all. Perhaps Elohim is just kidding us on,” and tears fell from the eyes of angels one and two.

The dark one was also watching closely and he rubbed his hands in glee. Think what he could do with the scenario over the next few millennia, this was the smoking gun he needed on Elohim.

They watched as Elohim leaned down over the shape and breathed. “Perfect,” smiled Elohim, “it works perfectly.”

“Yeah,” muttered the dark one, and the echoe gets louder and louder, “a perfect mud pie!”

Elizabeth Price


Making Mud Pies