Ezekiel 38:7 Get ready:Be prepared

As I sat on the porch of our rental condo. At Ponte Vedra Beach recently, I saw an awesome sight. Swimming in the Atlantic, close to shore, were schools of dolphin. Each group had quite a few fish in it, and the multiple number of schools was unbelievable. I spotted this profusion of dorsal fins slicing through the waves, and as I watched I saw not only swimming, but jumping and tailing.

I hurried to get my camera to capture this event on film. I knew trying to keep this vision in my mind’s eye would fade in time, and I wanted a permanent remembrance. I walked to the water’s edge, poised the camera with zoom extended and snapped away. When the film was developed, I was extremely disappointed, for the photos were very poor. My zoom lens had not been strong enough, and my timing had been off- enough to make the photos blurry and indistinguishable. I had been unable to capture on film the sight I had seen because I had been ill equipped to adequately do so.

When I want to show someone a picture of Jesus, I do so through the way I live my life. Maybe it’s time to check my equipment, so I will be prepared. Am I reading the Bible, spending time in prayer — listening to Him as well as talking, and opening myself to the power of the Holy Spirit each and every day? What about my timing? Am I sensitive to God’s perfect timing in my life- available to “snap that lens” when He directs me, not when I so decide.

Proper equipment is necessary not only in photography, but also in living the Christian life. What about you? Have you checked you” Spiritual equipment ” lately?

Marion Smith: noles65@aol.com