The Choice

by | May 23, 2005 | Choices

When my mother was pregnant with me 38 years ago, there were complications. The doctors informed my mother that the situation was not good. I was positioned in the womb in such a way that it would require a C-section. However, it was not to be an ordinary C-section. The doctors told her that either I was going to drown or she was going to bleed to death in the process. The dismal conclusion was that one of us was going to die. Abortion was not an option for my mother. She was willing to put her life at risk for mine. She understood that the doctors were making their best judgment about the dilemma.

The operation took place, and to God’s glory both my mother and I lived. My parents were planning to name me Michael. When my father left the hospital she changed it to Daniel. She just liked the sound of that name. She was not a churchgoer. Neither was my father. My mother was willing to spill her blood for my life. It’s an overwhelming thought when I reflect on the fact, that 23 years after my physical birth I would meet the One who truly shed His blood for my spiritual birth, Jesus Christ. Two years after I was saved, both my dad and mom put their faith in Jesus Christ and received eternal life. As I grew in the Word of God, and thought about those doctors who judged our situation, I learned that my name has great significance. Daniel means “God is my judge.”

When it comes right down to it, man is man, and God is God. Our lives are in His hands and our days are numbered according to His kindness (Ps. 139)

Daniel R. Mandigo
Pastor – Grace Bible Fellowship
Middletown, NJ


The Choice