Our Soul Never Dies

by | May 23, 2005 | Eternity, Poem

We never know when God will call,
But from His love He calls us all.

It’s a wonderful feeling,
To have such a Friend.
To know that He’s there,
And it’s not just the end.

When life is all spent,
We’ll be with Him there,
For of His mansions in Heaven,
He said He would go to prepare.

Now we’ll be there with Him,
As we all some day will be,
And our eyes will be opened,
To the wonders of God,
For us all to see.

Our souls will be called,
From this worrisome world,
By God in His wisdom,
Now that our life is unfurled.

It’s a blessing to know,
That our days are all passed,
And like all of God’s children,
We’ll be at home with Him at last.

It’s a comfort to know,
When life’s mission is ore,
That God in His wisdom,
Gives peace – there’s misery no more.

Our soul does not die,
For it’s immortal you see.
God only loaned it to us,
so it will return back to heaven,
For eternity.

By L.M.Willson LMWILLSON@aol.com


Our Soul Never Dies