When Two or Three Come Together in My Name

by | May 22, 2005 | Prayer

I wanted to share Jesus in a Middle-Eastern village of over 8,000 people. I had learned that only about 500 villagers were Christians, but had never actually heard the Gospel message. Before I went, I spent three months in earnest prayer for the village. Finally, I traveled with another Christian to pay a first visit.

As we entered the village, we prayed to the Lord to open a way for us to meet someone. Just then we turned onto one of the main streets, and an old man came up and greeted us. He told us that he was the Elder assistant of the village, and he invited us to his home!

We learned that this Elder considered himself to be a Christian, but he never thought about Jesus or prayer. During the two hours we spent with him, he eventually invited the other 12 members of his family to hear for the first time how Jesus loves them.

As our chat came to a close he said, “It is my hope that you can come every day.” We agreed to visit once a week, and he promised to invite others that he knew in the village.

We have since met every week in this Elder’s home to study the Scriptures. His Bible study group now has over 60 people!

Two months after we began studying the Bible together, this man gave his life to Jesus. Then he provided a big room in his house for our group to worship together as a new church. People are greatly accepting the Lord in their hearts, and in this village. Praise God!

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When Two or Three Come Together in My Name