Stroke of Good Fortune

by | May 22, 2005 | New Life, Spiritual Growth, Suffering, Trials

My friend of 30 years…we have gone though many tough times. His tough times, not so much mine. He had a bad marriage and was unable to forgive his wife. He descended into drugs, spiraling out of control, losing his home, his car, his self-esteem. Several times I took him to the hospital, flushed pills down the toilet, but when a person does not care, there is little help one can offer.

He loved my children. No matter what, he would give them presents at Christmas time. He painted their room, spending over forty hours doing so. Not just painting their room, but painting it with cartoon characters. My friend had a talent. He is an artist.

About two years ago while trying some bad drugs he suffered a stroke at the age of 49. Now he is in a nursing home with his left side paralyzed. His mind is clear after these decades of drug influence. He wants to speak to children about the dangers of drugs, but I want to wait a while. He needs to understand more. He has gone to church with me many times. My friend Gary, cannot walk. He has to use a wheelchair. However, during the last church visit and while singing the last song, he stood up and sang with the congregation. When he did, I had tears in my eyes. The song leader could not sing any more. The effort to stand and to remain standing is beyond our understanding, yet he did so. My friend is finally realizing his place in life. Perhaps the stroke was needed to humble him, to show him the Way. His journey is not complete, but I am proud of my friend for taking the first step.

BJ Cassady Guthrie, Oklahoma


Stroke of Good Fortune