by | May 22, 2005 | Dependency, Surrender

You have no idea why you did it? But somehow in an insane moment you said yes, and now you find yourself sitting in a small plane, with all the appropriate gear on, shaking nervously.

You have just finished a briefing on what to do. When the door opens you and your jumping partner are to fall forward, just relax, and enjoy the brief downward journey.

The fear inside is rising as you reach jumping altitude. The open door is facing you, screaming at you with gaping magnetism, drawing you to your possible death. The realisation that you are about to plummet to earth slaps you in the face.

As both of you move to the door you know that everything is ‘on the line’ – this is a life and death situation, except for the parachute.

Seconds later you are hurtling earthward, fear is gone, and the exhilaration of the speed and view overwhelm you.

Then with one swift tug you jerk upwards as the chute controls your descent. The instructor guides you to your landing point. Touch down!

Pumped with adrenalin you see your friends and begin to tell them about the awesome experience.

Having a relationship with God is even better than arriving on the ground, chute in tact.

The amazing exhilaration of living well beyond normal boundaries can only be experienced by those who trust Him. Like jumping out of the plane, you have to trust Him to live this wonderful life!

“We can depend upon the Lord alone to save us. Only He can help us; He protects us like a shield.” Psalms 33:20

Take the jump, TODAY!

Bruce Wadd