Miracles in My Life

by | May 22, 2005 | Miracles

This story is about the miracles that I have had in my life:

In May 2002, I had been feeling some pains in my stomach and had gone to see a Doctor who diagnosed that there was something wrong with my intestines. He scanned me and found that there was a chronic abscess that had blocked my intestines. He advised me that I needed to undergo a surgery urgently.

I accepted and went for the surgery which was not very successful because it was a very long one. Three days went by after the operation without any bowel movements and then I started vomiting three to four liters at a time of green fluid. Mind you at this time I was not eating anything, all I was depending on was IV solutions which were also coming out of my body through the vomit.

On the fifth day the Doctor came back to me and said he had no option but to take me back to the theatre because he felt that they had done something wrong when putting back the intestines. I was afraid and my relatives were also scared because at this time I was weak and dehydrated. Thank God that all along my friends were praying for me.

When the time came for me to go the theatre I just felt peace in my heart and could feel like there was somebody lying next to me in my bed. I had the courage to tell my husband and family not worry because I felt Jesus was right there with me and that I was going to be alright. It really happened. Though the Doctors had ruled out a chance of my survival due the condition that I was in, they were all surprised to see me walk out of my bed a day after this second operation. It was really a miracle.

God never fails and I am his witness. He is always there for us and all we need to do is to just call on him. This is not all he has kept his on eye on me all the time because as I am sending this story to you now people who surround me see a great miracle. He miraculously cured me again just a few weeks ago. This is what happened:

After the above story I was living a health life up until December 2005. On 10th December 2005 I was asked to preach at our church. I had a very good time at church that day and encouraged my friends that God is always there for us all we need to is tell him what our problem is and he is ready to solve it for us. My preaching was based on the story on 2Kings 6:1-7.

Came the evening of this day, I suddenly started feeling very severe abdominal pains and could not sleep all night. The following day I went to the Doctor only to be told that there were some intestinal adhesions that required an immediate operation. It was a shock to me but then I remembered that it was only a day before that I was telling people that no matter how difficult your situation is God always has a ready answer so I prayed to my God and said let that will be done.

The operation was a success and only stayed in hospital for four days. Three weeks ago the same thing happened, there was another obstruction in my intestines but this time My Almighty God did the operation himself. When the Doctors confirmed that there was indeed need to go back to theatre for yet another operation to rectify my problem, I said no I don’t think I am ready to go back to the theatre for the fourth time.

I spoke to my God with the help of my friends and told him that he was my only answer to the problem. A miracle happened, as I was being prepared to go to the theatre, my intestines started working again and I felt an urge to rush to the toilet to relieve myself. Just like that I got healed up until now. Nobody who saw me that day believe what happened but everybody who was praying with me praised the Lord for his instant answer.

I have experienced God’s love in so many ways and I feel I owe him a lot but there is nothing I can do apart from submitting my life into his hands. My God is a wonderful God and his miracles still exist I am one of them. Thank you for father for always being ther for me. I am here, send me and I will do your work.

I am Rukshana Kunkanga living in Lilongwe, Malawi. R.Kunkanga@bmismw.com


Miracles in My Life