The Right Fuel

by | May 24, 2004 | Provision, Salvation

It is a tough call to own a motor car that runs on LP gas instead of on conventional petrol. If has advantages but the serious downside is that if you run out of fuel you are stuck. You can’t borrow a litre or two from a passing motorist or walk down to the nearest service station to buy a can full. You have to take the car with you because you have to fill direct from the pump at the service station.

Equally, you can’t siphon off a litre or two of your LP gas to give to any other stranded motorist. He can’t borrow from you any more than you can borrow from him so if you come across somebody who has run out of gas, you simply have to leave him there.

It reminds me of the ten virgins who were going on a journey (Matthew 25:1-13). Five had filled their tanks with the right fuel: five just hoped somebody would get them out of trouble in a crisis.

Like them, we are on a journey and John tells us that the right fuel is ‘to know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.’ John 17:3. Knowing God is the fuel we must have. We can’t switch fuels at whim, we either fill up with the Christ whom God has sent or we splutter to a standstill, dead on the track.

Paul reminds us to go right to the service station and not to muck about with other outlets. He said the right service station is the Bible where we become ‘familiar with the sacred writings which have power to make you wise and lead you to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.’ (2nd Timothy 3:15.)

And God promises to meet us right there at his service station. He said ‘when you seek me, you will find me.’ Jeremiah 29:13. He is waiting for you; don’t try to run on empty, will you?

Elizabeth Price


The Right Fuel