The Engagement Ring

by | May 24, 2004 | Experiencing God

My daughter has two cats. They both love hiding pens and small objects under the dishwasher/fridge etc. And if they can pick it up in their mouths, they will walk all over the place with it trying to find someone to play fetch with them.

I washed the dishes a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put my rings away, instead left them lying on the microwave in the kitchen.

When I woke up the next morning my engagement ring was nowhere to be found. I was sooooo upset!! I immediately asked God to return my ring to me and looked in every nook and cranny until I’d run out of time and had to leave for work.

I asked my family if they would all please help search. That evening when I got home I was met by an excited 14 year old. My son had found my ring dangling off the back of the microwave (a place both my husband and I had checked twice). My son serves God and acknowledged the Grace of God.

God is soooo amazing!! I am all inspired to serve God with my whole heart and soul and body……….. It blows my mind that God holds the universe in the palm of His hand, but yet he hears me even before a thought is formed in my head. How wonderful!

Thanks again for your challenge (see The Challenge). I can’t wait to hear more of other peoples amazing encounters with our living God.

Mariushca Anderson.
Auckland, New Zealand


The Engagement Ring