Still Inspires Awe

by | May 24, 2004 | Praise, Reverance, Worship

Last fall, we drove to Niagara Falls during our vacation. I had always heard that it was a beautiful sight, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “It’s a waterfall – what’s the big deal?”

When we got there, I was in awe. What I saw just took my breath away. No picture or video or words can describe the beauty of God’s creation. If you haven’t been there, I can’t explain it … especially the scenery from the tour boat that drives you so near the bottom of the falls that you must wear a raincoat because of all of the spraying water that hits you.

It was just awe-inspiring. But, I noticed something odd. I noticed that the workers at the visitor center and the restaurants and other buildings in the complex didn’t seem overwhelmed by their surroundings at all. They weren’t awestruck by the falls, they weren’t affected as we were.

And then, it hit me … they had become so familiar with the falls that it had become commonplace to them. It had lost its attraction. It had lost its sense of wonder. It was no longer awe-inspiring. It was just there, and the people were almost unaware, almost oblivious to its existence.

Christian, may we never become that way in our praise to the Lord Jesus! May Jesus never become common, so familiar that He fails to inspire awe in us, that He fails to fill us with wonder and worship.

Instead, let us draw near Him until we feel the spray of Living Water upon our faces, and let us marvel at the mightiness and the beauty that is found only in our Savior.

Jimmy D. Brown


Still Inspires Awe