Rags at the Banquet

by | May 24, 2004 | Justification, New Life, Spiritual Growth

Once upon a time a man-clad only in the dirtiest of rags lived in the streets. One day a person from the palace approached him. There was going to be a banquet at the palace, and people from the highways and byways were being invited. “Would he like to come?” The man was indeed interested, however, he could not attend dressed in rags. The palace representative assured him that his rags would he exchanged for some suitable finery.

All was in order. The men arrived at the palace and went directly to the King’s dressing chambers. Servants bundled the filthy rags and scrubbed the man clean. He was then allowed to choose robes from the King’s closets. Whatever he chose he could keep, so the man carefully examined the many garments and garbed himself in the finest silk and satin. He was ready for the banquet!

As they left the dressing quarters, the man grabbed his old rags. He insisted on taking the filthy bundle; he felt more secure holding on to it. The man, resplendent in his fine attire, joined the banquet and yet still clung to the dirty bundle. So distracted by clinging to his bag, the man never ate and he left the banquet hungry.

The evening ended. Everyone was stuffed-everyone except the man clinging to his rag bundle.

Today Jesus invites all of us to God’s great banquet-to leave our old ways and old rags, and to say “Yes!” To Him and to a new and glorious way of living. That is good news!

PRAYER: Lord, Your Word says that I am a new creation in Christ. Help me not to stay with the ways of my old self, but to walk in newness of life with You today. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

Sally Kennedy sallyikennedy@bellsouth.net

Kennedy, Sally. Little Parables from Ireland. Lake Mary: Creation House Press, p.75. Books can be purchased from Sally Kennedy www.sallykennedy.com , and they can also be purchased online at Barnes and Noble ( www.bn.com ) or Amazon ( www.amazon.com )


Rags at the Banquet