Our Time in the Sun

by | May 24, 2004 | Potential, Relationship

‘Why is God so good to me?” The young tree asked.

“Each of us has our time in the sun,” said the elder tree.

It was another attempt on my part, I believe, to find the answers that I so often pursue. I had wandered in search of reason, peace and tranquility. It had taken me once again into the woods. It is there that I re-discover my past. You see I believe that the trees hold a bit of history. Perhaps even a piece of my life that I want to re-visit.

I had come upon a clearing in the midst of the forest. I found this spot in the glen just at the base of the hills I once passed through in my younger, more adventurous days. I don’t quite remember this spot. But for me this place now was a haven of sorts and quite unusual at that.

As thick as the forest was throughout my walk, this barren, empty spot held but one small tree. As if set on an arena stage, this tree no bigger than two feet in height, seemed scrawny and unlikely to weather another winter.

I sat upon a fallen limb just on the edge of the circle. I reached next to me and touched the bark of one of the tallest trees there.

“What life of mine do you hold inside? What part of you was here when my ancestors lived, walked and loved this world? Could their energy be a part of who you are right now?” I asked out loud.

Then standing and walking next to the tiny tree I leaned over and held a branch feeling the life inside it.

“You, little one. What makes you think you can ever be as tall as all the others?”

I then laid down on the ground next to the little tree and looking up discovered what it was living for. There above us was a small opening in the natural canopy. Today’s dark clouds rushed by.

“So that is what you strive for.” From this point of view I could understand why it would want to reach that far.

Then standing I turned to the elders of this group and asked, “Tell me why is it that God made trees to last for centuries, while only permitting man to live so briefly?” I was yearning to see my family. Maybe it was the approach of the holidays that sparked it all.

I returned to my spot on the edge and wondered how this little one could possibly grow. The big ones block out the sun.

I stared at it from a distance and connected with the idea of being so small in such a big world. I understood, for I struggle to find my spot in the world as a writer and speaker. I too, am surrounded by giants.

Then suddenly the clouds that created this dreary day opened slightly and a beam directed itself like a flood light pouring over the small tree. It was wondrous and beautiful, a spectacle that left me in awe. I rushed to the center and bathed in the spot light and in unison the tree and I responded. I raised my hands skyward and it basked in the warmth of the sun. We questioned, “God, why are you so good to me?”

“Each of us has our time in the sun,” I felt the elder trees respond.

“Man was created in the Light from his birth until his passing. Your life is your time in the sun,” said God in my heart.

As the light faded I walked off to the side and thinking about it all, I remembered the story about a child asking his father, “How tall does a tree grow?” The Father recognizing this as an extraordinary chance to teach a young child about life’s possibilities said, “As tall as it can!”

The difference is a tree, with it’s predetermined blueprint for growth, can only grow to be one thing. But God in His Wisdom created each human to be unique and one of a kind. Our possibilities are endless.

I also discovered that the energy and spirit of my loved ones are not to be found in the things around me. They all dwell inside me wherever I go. I am the best of each of them combined in such a way that I can only fail if I fail to try.

So my friend, how far can you go in your time in the sun?

“As far as you can!”

Bob Perks Bob@BobPerks.com

P. S. With God as our guide we can reach our potential!


Our Time in the Sun