Let Me Live Awhile With You

by | May 24, 2004 | Family, Poem

Oh mother will you let me live,
A little while with you.
I’ll try not get in your way,
Like other unwanted children do.

I’ll give you all my love,
And try to make your life a joy,
So won’t you let me live awhile,
Whether I be a girl or boy?

I’ll listen while you teach me,
About the rights and wrongs.
But please dear troubled mother,
Don’t let them rip me apart with tongs.

I know you have a choice,
To do with me what you will,
But please dear mother,
Don’t be influenced,

By those who live upon the hill.
I may not be as perfect,
As you would like for me to be,
But please – my loving mother,
With all your love,
That I might live awhile with thee.

L.M.Willson LMWILLSON@aol.com


Let Me Live Awhile With You