There Are Trees and There Are Trees

by | May 24, 2003 | Creation

The loquat tree flourishes, flowers and fruits without any period of leaflessness. It is never boring, bare or barren. In season and out, the loquat tree is gracious, green and gifted.

By contrast, the apricot tree loses leaves, loses lustre and loses life. It droops, drops and dies. Out of season it is pricked, pruned and punished.

Of the two, you would choose the loquat tree to have around in all seasons. It is good company any time of the year even when it is not producing fruit. Indeed, its fruiting period is brief and its fruit is not particularly versatile. You have to eat it while it’s fresh and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The apricot tree is enjoyable for only half the time. For the other half, it is uncompromising, uncomfortable and uncaring.

But let me tell you something: when the apricot tree is off-season and not at all nice to have around, my pantry is still full of its goodness. There are dried apricots, cooked apricots and jam apricots. It might be less attractive than the loquat tree but it gives food for the down season.

People are like the trees. Some are great to have around all the time. They are loquacious, likeable and lovable.

Others bear fruit that lasts for years. They are stimulating, stalwart and storable.

As the man who got his sight back said, ‘I see people – they look like trees, but they are walking about.’ And the wise man said ‘A soothing word is a tree of life.’

It is good to have a variety of trees in your orchard, isn’t it?

Elizabeth Price


There Are Trees and There Are Trees