The Unexpected Drop

by | May 24, 2003 | Experiencing God, Rest, Stress, Trials

An oyster was enjoying a leisurely stroll across the bottom of an Atlantic Ocean shore. The waters around her were rich in an abundance of microscopic plant life, and as she sauntered along, she retrieved and ate a few tasty bites.

Up ahead on the surface of the ocean was something very strange, something she had never seen before. From her perspective, it looked like a floating piece of white wood. Maybe she could attach onto it and find some new kind of food!

Her heart bent on exploration, she had just begun to make her way in the direction of the floating object when it moved, and in an instant it was directly overhead! What luck! Suddenly a white tube with a yellow pincher snaked down into the water. What on earth? She was just propelling her way upward to figure out just what this strange thing was when it snapped-right around her! Too late, she realized that she was being held prisoner.

Try as she might, she couldn’t wiggle her way out, and before she knew what was happening, she felt herself being lifted up, out of the ocean and into the wide-open sky. It was a dizzying experience for someone who had never taken flying lessons! “I hope the pilot knows what he’s doing,” she thought. “Why would he pick me up out of my ocean, anyway? I didn’t ask for an airlift of any kind!”

She glanced up at the pilot, and to her horror she recognized the markings of a black-backed gull of some sort who seemed quite intent on doing whatever he was doing.

“Uhh…Excuse me, Mr. Gull!” she ventured innocently. “Uhh . . . Why did you pick me up out of my ocean?”

Before she realized her mistake, the seagull answered her, but she never heard his response. In order to speak, the gull had to open his beak, and without the beak closed firmly around her, she began to fall.

As the menacing land underneath approached faster than she could think, she screamed: “Help! I’m falling and I don’t have a parachute!” She closed her eyes. “Please, let me still be above the ocean!”

But it was not to be. She landed flat on a rocky beach and her shell broke into several pieces. She felt knocked up and out of place, and before she could get her bearing, the gull swooped down and landed right in front of her.


“Tasty” said the gull. “I love those afternoon snacks!”

Do you sometimes have days like this? No matter what you try to do, everything turns into a nightmare. Everyone seems to pick on you. Frustrated and abandoned, you don’t know where to turn. Your mind screams out: “Isn’t there ANYONE out there who cares?”

Unlike that poor oyster, you DO have Someone who cares, Someone who is willing to help you out. If you get to know Him, you will never have to face the world by yourself again. You’ll never end up as a gull’s tasty snack. Why? Because He’ll always be there for you!

Why not taking the first step to get to know Him now? You’ll never regret it!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28 NIV)

“Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” (Heb 2:18 NIV)

“I wonder where I can find my next snack? Where do you live?”

Rob Chaffart


The Unexpected Drop