Is God Knocking at the Door of Your Heart?

by | May 27, 2002 | Inviting Jesus, Salvation

“Keep on knocking and the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

In my house, when I am in the computer room, bathroom, or bedroom, I cannot hear when someone knocks on the front door. It is not just me. My husband, Jeff, has also noticed that unless you are very quiet and listen for the sound of tapping, it is near impossible to hear a knock at the front door.

Several months ago, with the dropping of the finance rates, we decided to refinance our house. Since I was unable to attend the closing procedure that morning, the finance company called and informed us they were sending the papers for me to sign to our door, via a courier service. Jeff could in turn take the signed papers with him to the closing.

Jeff had to run to work for a short time that morning, but left me specific instructions, several times, to stay in the living room and listen for the knock at the door. I reassured him before he left that there was nothing to worry about. I knew how to listen for the knock.

I don’t recall what distracted me, but temptation drew me to my computer for just a moment – at least I thought it was only a moment. Before you know it, Jeff was back at home and found a note attached to the front door that the courier service had been there with a delivery.

With this incident, Jeff (being a sign painter), immediately made a huge sign which states KNOCK HARD and attached it to our front door; it still remains there today. He decided we were not going to take any more chances and miss an important knock on our door.

Oftentimes, I wonder how many times has God knocked at the door of my heart, but I couldn’t hear the knock, because I was distracted or busy doing things I wanted to do.

From time to time, we need to re-evaluate what interrupts our contact with God. Instead of asking Him to “knock hard” we need to make sure we take the time out from our busy activity to quiet our hearts and listen for His important knock.

Annettee Budzban

Annettee Budzban is an author and newspaper religion columnist. She has also been published on various e-zines and in magazines such as Guideposts Angels on Earth, Purpose, The Gem, Standard, Stewardship, and more. Her stories and devotions appear in many popular anthologies such as God’s Way books and the Cup of Comfort devotional.


Is God Knocking at the Door of Your Heart?