Blinded by a Wave

by | May 27, 2002 | Inviting Jesus, Salvation

1 Cor 13:12 “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.”

I had been in Haiti as an SOS missionary for nearly a month when I finally got the chance to go to the beach. “The waves are terrific!” promised my friends. “You’ve never been in any like them!”

Not that I needed a lot of persuasion! Having been brought up along the coast of the North Sea, I have an innate love for the ocean. I wasn’t disappointed either, for my friends had not been exaggerating. The waves on this particular beach were, indeed, huge and exciting! I would run ahead of the waves, then ride the crest up and away, until I was dropped back down in the water. It was better than a roller coaster ride, and the view from the water of the palm-lined beach, surrounded by the foamy-white waves, nearly took my breath away.

My friends were having fun, too, only their games were a bit wilder than mine. They chased each other through the crashing waves, allowing themselves to be sucked under the frothy surface, only to float back up, completely out of breath, shortly afterwards. Don’t get me wrong. I would have loved to join them. But because I wear thick glasses and am literally handicapped without them, and because glasses can easily slip off your face, I chose to stick to activities that seemed a bit less likely to render me blind.

All too soon it was time to go back to the mission station, and I reluctantly turned to make my way back to the beach. I was nearly out of the main force of the waves when a friend, who was farther out in the water, called out to me, and I turned around. Just as I did, one of those terrifying waves broke right in my face, giving me a belly-full of seawater and dragging me down under the water. It wasn’t until I had floated back up, coughing and out of breath, that I realized I no longer had my glasses! I couldn’t see anything!

Several of my friends were immediately at my side. Two of them led me back to the beach while the rest attempted the impossible task of finding my glasses. Naturally, they were not successful, for by this time the powerful undertow had no doubt drawn them far out into the Atlantic.

I was in a pitiful state. I was in a foreign, 3rd world country, and all I could see was distorted shapes. I couldn’t tell the differences between faces and I couldn’t read. Walking was even difficult, because I couldn’t see whether or not there were obstacles in the path. The classes I taught looked like a big blur of people. How was I supposed to survive, let alone teach?

I made arrangements to see a local eye doctor who did his best to help me out. Unfortunately, he had never met anyone with eyes as bad as mine. I was quite comforted to hear this, as you might guess. In addition, he admitted that he had limited equipments, and likely he would have difficulty finding the right prescription I needed. This was even more reassuring. But he saved the “best” news for last: The heavy prescription I needed would have to be ordered from the United States and would take up to eight weeks to arrive.

Eight weeks? How would I survive? Oh, why had I gone out in that water in the first place? And better yet, why had I even considered coming to Haiti???!!!

But God hadn’t abandoned me. It just happened that the father of one of the Canadian student missionaries was coming down for a visit in two weeks’ time. She assured me that in Canada, prescription glasses were much easier to obtain than in Haiti, and offered to have her dad bring me a pair of glasses when he came. I gladly accepted her offer, and no one will ever fully understand just how happy I was to meet her dad when he finally arrived!

Unfortunately, the glasses were far from ideal, as they were only about half the strength of my former pair. However, I could still see better than with no glasses at all, and I was once again able to walk by myself and recognize the people I was talking to. My blurry world became a semi-blurry one, which was a 100% improvement for me! Praise God!

Reflecting on my past experience, I realize now that many perceive the world as I did without my glasses. It looks like nothing but a big blur to them. They have no idea what their purpose might be on this planet. Some feel exploited, even abused. Others feel bored and depressed, neglected and ignored. Still others feel like they are turning in endless circles that leave them feeling insecure and worthless. They see life through a senseless haze. They are desperate, without even a ray of hope.

Little do they realize that there is a special pair of glasses that can restore their vision-not half-way, like my new pair, but 100%! That special pair of glasses was brought to us 2000 years ago at a desolate place called Golgotha, where a lonely figure died a seemingly senseless death. But three days later, He came back to life and was seen by more than 500 people! He conquered the power of death. He conquered senseless living! He conquered boredom and depression, neglect and abuse! He is the risen One, the One through whom people can obtain forgiveness from a God they have distanced themselves from.

This “prescription eyewear” brings hope into the world. When you are wearing “Jesus Glasses”, you can see God. You know that your sins have been forgiven through the merits of His Son Jesus Christ, and life begins to make sense. His “glasses” open your eyes so that you can REALLY see. They illuminate the beauty that is around you, even in the worst of circumstances, and best of all, they are available for EVERYONE, ALL the time! No limited time offers here!

For those of you who have never experienced the power of Jesus in their life, why not accept Him now? Only through Him will your vision be restored. He will give you purpose in your life and hope for a glorious future. He will make it possible for you to live your life to the fullest!

John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Rob Chaffart


Blinded by a Wave