God’s Holy Word

by | May 26, 2002 | Bible, Poem

Today I bought a new Bible
Just because I wanted to
I have worn out three or four
Reading His word makes me want more I know the Bible is His inspired word

It speaks to me like nothing I’ve heard
He is there just speaking to me   Every verse speaks to me so clearly
That I know He spoke to me dearly
He loves me because He tells me so   God is my savior, my friend, my confidant

I can tell Him anything and He listens
All the little things in my life are important to Him
That is the reason I pray all day to my Father   He answers my prayers in such mysterious ways
Most inexpertly  things fall in place

He is so wonderful and gives me His grace   God’s Holy word is so precious to me
Because He tells me what he wants me to be
He sends me on Ministry that I would not think of
Because He loves me and ask me to serve Him   Jesus asked His disciples to spread the word

He asked me to do the same in this old world
I thank Him today for using a worm like me
He can see a butterfly that will soon be
Obedience is what he ask of me  

Sarah Berthelson sarah@sermonillustrator.com


God’s Holy Word