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by | May 26, 2002 | Fear, Trust

We sat on the verandah for morning tea and my husband reminisced on his ramblings through our garden. He said he often comes across interesting natural phenomena.

Especially so in springtime, he said. It may be a swarm of bees resting after leaving a hive, or a corkscrew grass seed springing to action. Rains stand the seeds on their sharp end and with a corkscrew action, they twist themselves into the ground.

He said, ‘These ramblings remind me of a job I was working on many years ago, repairing a residence. In a peach tree there was a Wagtail’s nest. The young had already hatched and in time they filled the nest and their heads were over the side, keeping an eye on us.

Because I brought our building materials past them each day, the birds accepted me as part of their environment.

I stopped one morning for a closer look. I was at arm’s length and the mother bird sat on the nest to cover her young.

At that time of the year the flies were abundant and I could catch them easily. I caught one and offered it to the sitting bird.

As I moved my hand in closer, she stretched out to take it and she followed by taking another and another.

Daily, the mother bird trusted me not to harm her or her family.

Isn’t that what we do daily? We eat good food, breathe fresh air and drink clean water, always trusting God and feeling good in His presence. And we thank Him for supplying our needs.

Our trust in God overcomes our fear of Him just as the little bird’s trust overcame her fear of me.

“In the morning let me know of your love, for I put my trust in you.”’ Psalm 143:8

Elizabeth Price, Team writer with Just a Minute


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