Shot Gun Rescue

by | May 25, 2002 | Protection

Let me give you a shortened version of a rather long story. As a child I had the privilege of growing up working every weekend in our family’s banana plantation. We all worked very hard, but when we (the children) were young we laboured in the morning and then in the afternoons we were allowed to play.

This particular day the work was over for my brother and I, and so off we raced down to the dam next to the plantation. Recently a bulldozer had created a large pile of rubbish timber and we decided to discover what was in there. The pending adventure was proving rather magnetic.

Everything went fine till we looked across the dam and noticed two boys. Being friendly we waved and called out, and they responded the same way. Then we noticed the guns they were carrying.

Before we had a chance to move they took their guns and aimed them towards us and fired. We immediately dived for cover behind the pile of rubbish, and instinctively screamed ‘Dad’!

In my memory banks is stored a vivid picture of what happened next. Racing down the hill, bounding over the fence, and sprinting towards the gun-toting youths was our father, set on one thing, to rescue his boys. We knew we were safe!

God is the same with you. He desires your safety and well-being. You can always call on Him.

“Don’t fear anything except the Lord of the armies of heaven. If you fear him, you need fear nothing else.” Isaiah 8:13

Today, let God reign in your life… fear nothing except Him!

Bruce Wadd


Shot Gun Rescue