Peanut Butter and Crackers

by | May 27, 2001 | Abundance, New Life

Many years ago a young Dutchman saved and scrimped his money to buy a boat ticket to immigrate to Canada. All his life he had dreamed of going to North America, the Promised Land, to have freedom and to purchase land to start a farm. He didn’t know much about traveling and he was a bit concerned about what he would eat going across the large span of water, the Atlantic Ocean. He decided to buy a BIG bag of crackers with plenty of peanut butter.

He boarded the ship and when it came time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, he would sit in his little corner by himself and would eat his crackers with peanut butter. This went on day after day as the passenger ship crossed the ocean. Finally, the last day came and as he was eating his crackers with peanut butter, while all the other people ate their grand dinner, a man noticed him sitting there in his corner.

“What are you doing here, friend, eating crackers and peanut butter?” He asked.

The young Dutchman replied, “Don’t embarrass me, I had only enough money to buy the boat ticket, so I’m eating crackers and peanut butter during the crossing. However, I’m glad we are arriving tomorrow morning in Canada.”

The man said, “Didn’t you know when you bought your ticket that all the meals were included in the price? You ate crackers with peanut butter, whereas all the while a banquet-table was available to you?”

I, Albert de Jong, was on the ship SALVATION for thirty years and the Captain was Jesus Christ my Savior and I was on my way to Heaven! Nevertheless, I did not know what was available for me when I received my ticket of Salvation! All those years there was a banquet-table waiting for me, yet all that I was eating was crackers with peanut butter!

De Jong, Albert. Two Soldiers in God’s Victorious Army. 2002, p. 9.


Peanut Butter and Crackers