You Are Here

by | May 29, 2000 | Poem, Presence

Thank you, my Father, that I can feel Your presence, today.
You are so real, as I sit here and pray.  

It feels as if You are sitting right here, with me,
listening to every single word that I have spoken.  

Every thought that has come into my mind;
You are listening and care about all my concerns.  

Often, I wonder how people go through the day without You.
We get so complacent when every thing is just fine.
Then, we find ourselves distancing You from our mind.
Thank you, Father, for being here, today.

Please don’t leave me or allow me to stray …
From this peaceful, blessed, moment that we have shared;
You, sitting here with me, when no one else seems to care.  

What has happened to Your children, who are so concerned with self?
Don’t they know that You are best,

Just waiting for them to reach out and say,
“I need You, here”?  

Thank you, Father, for the love that You have shone
To the ones that are so busy and leave You alone.  

You are so patient with us, as we leave You out of our day.
I know You are just waiting for us to turn to You and pray.
Thank you, Father, for being here, today.  

© 2003 by Sarah Berthelson


You Are Here