The Dream

by | May 29, 2000 | Eternity, Heaven, Poem

There’s a dream that kept coming to me, sent from God no doubt.
Such vivid colors, Id never seen. But I knew Jesus was what it was about.

Each time the dream was in color, and I saw horses from the sky.
Fleeing serpents were in the green, grass; my Lord let me safely pass by.

I knew Jesus was in the midst, of shapes, that fit together, of every kind.
Of jewels, rubies and stones of every color, and every design.

They fit, as closely as squares, I couldn’t take my eyes away,
I would pray…. Lord please let me see this wonder another day.

I think maybe the angels were singing, and flying all around the Light.
What was happening kept me in a trance, like the brilliance of the stars at night.

I had this dream more than once, it was too awesome to repeat,
Before I leave this world, maybe the dream, God wouldn’t want me to keep.

He used to say, go and tell the others, what beset you this day,
After He had performed a miracle, He would lovingly send them on their way.

This dream was so dear, more precious than diamonds or gold,
I surely think my Lord would want this story, boldly told.

I have not the wisdom, to know what it means, the indescribable, joy in my mind.
It was as though, through me, He was telling someone to come to him, come and find,

The splendor of living for Him, He’s the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit Divine,
And in the home He’s prepared for us, There’s a mansion of no other kind.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


The Dream