My Heart Is Breaking

by | May 29, 2000 | Poem, Suffering

My heart is breaking but you cannot tell
I put a smile on my face and speak as I will
Carrying on a conversation if you have the time
My heart is breaking and no one knows why
I am grieving because of the losses in my life

Parents never get over the death of a child
It hurts real bad when your parents are gone
Nothing compares to that child you hold so dear
He has gone on before me and I am so broken
How many people have I passed today that have a broken heart

It may not be the same reason as me, yet we keep on going
Hoping for the best in the people we see
I have come to realize that most people are hurting
Maybe not for the same reason but the pain is the same
My heart is breaking but I must go on, looking like I am happy
That way people will not feel sorry for me
I am a good actress because of the hurts
Pretending I am fine, when in fact my heart is breaking!!

Sarah Berthelson


My Heart Is Breaking