Lost Headphones

by | Apr 21, 2000 | God's Love, Miracles, Provision

I don’t really think this is so much an inspirational story but maybe more a testimony, but I was not sure which other email to send this to. 

The other day I was reading one of the studies on God answering prayers.  It was the part of the lady that lost her keys while on a run.  That day I could not find something for a couple a days even after looking everywhere for it.  I remember reading the message then thinking about what I was missing.  I then thought to myself “why worry God about something so insignificant as misplacing my headphones, especially when I can just go buy a new set” 

But a strange (maybe not so strange) thing happened that morning as I was leaving to go for my run.  Literally I looked down when I got in the car and there the headphones where right under my feet.  I know it could have just been a coincidence but I know I looked for them in my car the day before.  I honestly think God was telling me that I can trust Him for everything big and small.  Thank you I just wanted to share this and praise God.

Courtaney Johnson


Lost Headphones