The Fruit Cake

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Bible, Fruit, Gifts of the Spirit, Spiritual Growth

I hope this will change someone’s life, to be of greater service to the body of Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

Last Christmas I was trying to bake a fruit cake. Our Oven was not working so I borrowed my aunts micro wave oven. My cousin briefly explained how that particular one worked. I had bought lots of ingredients that would make a few rich Christmas cake.

The first night I tried making it, it only cooked on the top the, it was a waste, so I decided to make another one, it turned out like rubber (I am quite good at baking, I started when I was five). Then I decided to try the next day, I managed to bake it but it came out less than excellent. I decided to call my aunt and ask her what was wrong with her oven, it turned out, that I wasn’t following the right instructions and as a result I had wasted a lot of ingredients that cost a lot of money.


I learnt a very good lesson from this incident. I thought of my life and how sometimes I tend to ignore the book of instructions (the Bible) and do things my own way. Isn’t it amazing that we tend not to live our lives to the fullest (like the dough we only rise partially or are half baked) because we don’t take Gods instructions for our lives seriously. Even after doing the rights things ( using the right ingredients) we tend to miss it because we don’t meditate on our instructions.

I would like to encourage you today, to make the bible the book of instructions for your life, and see how fruitful you will became!!!

In Christ ‘s love

Joan Lupupa


The Fruit Cake