The Day Santa Became Healed

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Christmas, Healing

My wife had died from cancer in September 1994 after a long painful battle with this horrid disease. Depression hung over me and through my soul for months on end. I cared little about the world I lived in.

The dreaded holidays came and passed, Halloween, thanksgiving and now Christmas was upon me. The first Christmas without my wife…how does one cope with the loss?

My company was sponsoring a destitute family by supplying them with toys, food, clothes and some money to assist them during the holidays. My coworkers wanted me to dress up as Santa and deliver ‘the goods’. I tried to beg out of the deal, to no avail. They brought me a really nice Santa outfit and after a goodly time in the restroom, I emerged as Santa, beard and all.

Off we went to visit the family. I did my ho-ho routine and carried a large bag full of goodies into the house. Then something magical happened… The children looked at me with awe and hope.

I started passing out toys with a heavy heart, but as the children laughed, my load as the load in the sack, lighten. When all the toys, clothes, etc., was passed out, I felt …good. The children gave me hugs and cookies and milk. Their laughter decorated the house with joy and hope.

I reflected upon that day, many years later. Saint Nicholas was a real person and a saint. Perhaps his influence still resides in the many Santa Clauses doing their work today. At least for one Santa, in 1994, the miracle of Saint Nicholas existed and healed.

BJ Cassady (a 1994 Santa) Guthrie, Oklahoma


The Day Santa Became Healed