The Angels Protected Us

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Angels, Protection

About two years ago, when i was 12, my parents, my sister and I went to Cocoa Beach for the weekend. On the way home, we took the Bee line. Well, the van that we were in was a used one that my father had just bought. He knew that he should have replaced the tires because they were old. While he was driving, one tire popped and all we saw on the road behind us was a strip of rubber. The tire had come off. My father tried to pull over, and lost control.

The van started fliping over.My father had attached a vcr and small t.v. to the floor of the van with ducked tape that weekend so me and my sister could watch home movies. Well, the T.V. flew right infront of my sisters face (just a few inches closer and it would have hit my sister) and went out the side window, which in a van that was a sliding door is not supposed to come out. The window just popped out. The VCR on the other hand flew right at me as we flipped and hit my collar bone. While the accident took place, I felt like someone was there protecting me, holding me down so i would now fly out of the car, because if I flew out, the van would have crushed me (by the way, my sister and I were not wearing our seatbelts.).

At the end of the accident the van was on its left side. The hole where the window used to be was on top of us. The first thing I did was move all my limbs to see if I was paralyzed or anything. I was fine. I called to my sister. She did not respond. I called her again. I didn’t hear her. I called the third time, and she said “I’m fine!”. She was silent in shock.She had me scared for a second. My father took my mom of her seatbelt, which was quiet hilarious now that you think about it, because she was sitting on the passenger seat, which was now the roof, so she was just dangeling. Me and my sister where found behind our seats.

The people who had witnessed the accident came to help. One man came and yelled out “Is anyone alive?!”. I was not surprised because I would have said the same if I had seen and accident of such magnitude. We alkl shouted yes. A woman with a cellular phone called the peramedics. They pulled us out one by one through what was the side window. The instructed me to lay down until the peramedics came. I felt a pain right next to my shoulder. My collar bone was broken. We went to the hospital. I arrived home at 3:00 a.m.

Now I thank God that he sent an Angel to protect us. We all survived. I think God saved me because he has a plan for me. Thank you God.

Jessica Ramirez


The Angels Protected Us