His Tender Mercy

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Mercy, Poem

If not for our Savior’s tender mercy,
Tell me.  Where would my soul be?
It would be a lost and lonely vessel,
On a deep and endless sea.

My soul would be like the sunshine,
Without a place to shine;
Or, a beautiful song without a tune,
That’s lacking words that rhyme.

My soul would be as the midnight sky,
With no stars to shine above;
Like a sparrow, with a broken wing,
Or, a songless turtle dove.

It would be an empty void;
With nothingness to fill.
My soul would be like a lonesome dove,
That, somehow, lost his will.

My soul would be a drummer boy,
Whose lost his gift of drum.
Or, my soul would be a hummingbird,
That’s lost his need to hum.

But, lucky me, my soul is safe
Because of my Savior’s love and grace.

© 2001 by  Vickie Lambdin


His Tender Mercy