Fall Is One of God’s Most Beautiful Seasons

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Blessing, Creation, Experiencing God, Trials

It’s a cool brisk morning; I awaken a bit later than normal. The cool air tarries my sleep pattern a smidgen past usual. Glancing out the window I notice the leaves dancing a slow waltz on the arm of Mr. Breeze; a beautiful flow of nature. The birds are gathering around the feeder and the squirrels scurry about as if urgency is in the air. They seem in tune with Mother Nature. The warm shower feels good this morning as a chill runs through me and I am reminded that God changes the seasons.

Soon I will feel the warm afternoon sun on my skin as my dog Missy and I take a stole. I will ride on my three-wheel-motorized scooter and she will pull hard on her leash leading the way. God always provides – I think as I am able to enjoy getting out and about. Autumn is upon us and I marvel as the days start shortening in length. How does this happen every time every year? God has a plan I am reminded. The trees will soon start wearing their jewels in an array of colors and I will witness another miracle.

Smoke will encircle the chimneys as nighttime gathers and fallen wet leaves stick to the shoe soles. The fireplace will be inviting as a log is brought in from the pile stacked close to the door. Families will gather together eating popcorn and sipping on hot chocolate. God will pour out His blessings as His love is felt in homes around our great nation.

Children will kneel beside their beds, heads bowed in prayer; mom and dad will read from the scriptures before closing their eyes to another day; so much will be taken for granted.

A trip to the apple orchards and a bite of the tart juicy fruit; whisper to me of God’s provisions. The pumpkins stacked beside the road remind me it’s that time of year to be thankful. I think to myself, why once a year; why do I need reminded? God provides for me all year round. To Him I should be constantly thankful – and I am.

We are given reminders as the seasons change and as families gather and provisions are provided that God is in charge. He is our keeper, He is in control. He numbers the days of our lives. Life changes as does the seasons. There are chilly mornings, damp evenings and sunny days. There are storms, rain and hail. There are blue skies and rainbows. There is spring, summer, fall and winter. There are days filled with troubles and with woes. There are days of trials and blessings of goodness and malice – we can find what we are looking for. Youth and old age are part of His plan. We can seek valleys or mountaintops. God is found in all the terrains of our life, in all the seasons. He trudges through the valleys with us as we struggle. He sits with us upon our mountaintops. He provides us with the seasons from birth unto death, from spring on unto winter. He is the giver of life and the taker. I stand in awe of Him as the seasons of life pass and I pass with them. I marvel at His greatness and am in awe of His many wonders. God has a plan and I realize I am part of it.

As I stand a mist the fall of my life; I am reminded that it is one of God’s most beautiful seasons and I breathe softly, “Use me God to give you glory and to accomplish your purpose.”

Betty King has lived with MS for 36 years and writes of her daily blessings. She has a book soon to be released It Takes Two mountains to Make a Valley. It is a book filled with humors and inspirational real life stories of one woman’s every day walk with Multiple Sclerosis and her mountaintop discoveries. Her second book But – It Was in the Valleys I Grew is in the hands of her publisher waiting notification of publication. She can be reached at baking2@charter.net if you desire notification of her books release.


Fall Is One of God’s Most Beautiful Seasons