Faith’s Convoy

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Faith, Poem

The storms raged, a lone ship struggled on the ravaging sea.
The vessel was sinking, battered by lumber and debris.

In the distance the captain perceived a light house, awaited in the night.
Wearing a life jacket, he jumped into the angry waves, no help in sight.

He was severely tossed, his body battered by the waves of doom.
His mind was scared, heart filled with hope despite lurking deathly gloom.

He clung to the board braving the frigid cold water, numbing his body.
His faith that a lighthouse awaited somewhere in the dark, was his referee.

Sharks were circling him, soon his last breath was near.
Dying from vicious teeth gave him great a shudder of fear.

Still clinging desperately a foghorn sounded in the night, a rescue deploy.
He had never given up hope a lighthouse awaited in the dark, faith’s convoy.

Poet Dorothy Copyrighted 2000


Faith’s Convoy