Coffee and Fallen Leaves

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Dependency, Surrender

I took my coffee out on the deck this morning to enjoy the crisp autumn air. As I stepped out onto the deck I heard the distinct sound of leaves crinkling beneath my feet. Now this really shouldn’t come as any surprise considering all the trees in the backyard that have lost their leaves already . . . But I did ask my sons to make sure that one of them sweep the leaves off of the deck the other night at dinner.

They all assured me that it would be taken care of . . . And yet no one actually did take care of it. So I stood there this morning, sipping my coffee and wondering why no one had taken care of what I had asked them to do. After all, when they need something or when they want something they all know who to go to . . . They all know if they go ask Dad that he will do whatever he can to meet their needs.

Then I thought about Our Father up in Heaven . . . And I began to wonder how many times He must feel the same way. How many times does He sit back and wonder why we can’t do what He asks of us . . . Why can’t we forgive one another like we are supposed to? Why can’t we avoid those occasions to point the finger at some one else instead of looking within? Why can’t we resist those temptations to sin? Why can’t we be there to help out our neighbor or those in need?

After all, don’t we all know where to turn when we need His help? How often Our Father must feel exactly the way I was feeling this morning!!!

Just a thought over coffee.

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Coffee and Fallen Leaves