Coffee and Cleaning for Company

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Holiness, New Life, Purity

Sitting here sipping my coffee this morning I thought back to a time when our boys were younger. Things were pretty hectic back then trying to raise 3 young boys while Mrs. Durango was running child day care at our house. Seemed as though just about everywhere you looked there were kids running around and playing. It didn’t make it very easy for Mrs. Durango to keep up with all of the household chores back then.

So for some of the time back then the only time we really worried about cleaning the house would be when we were expecting company. Of course when you are under the pressure of getting everything cleaned up and in order before company arrives it can get pretty stressful. Things DON’T always end up being put away where they belong under those circumstances . . . A lot of times things will be stuffed in a closet or a drawer where it doesn’t belong and then when you need to find it again you pull your hair out trying to find it.

Finally we got to a point where we realized we needed to set some priorities and get our life back in order. Once we did this we found we had the time to keep up with all of the chores and that we were actually able to spend more quality time together as a family.

Anyway, as I thought about that this morning I recalled how hectic and stressful it was to try to always get everything done before company would arrive . . . And how it would always seem that we never did quite finish everything before that door bell would ring. There always seemed to be something that we didn’t quite get done.

Then I thought about it all in a spiritual sense . . .

Would we be waiting until the final few moments before Christ’s arrival to try to be ready for him? Would we be scrambling around trying to prepare for His arrival? Would we be ready if the Lord were to show up on our front doorstep looking for us tonight? Or would the Lord find us unprepared for Him?

Are we ready for Christ’s arrival?

Perhaps something we should all be thinking about and preparing for. Just a thought!



Coffee and Cleaning for Company