Against All Odds

by | Jun 4, 1999 | New Life, Poem

Cruel waves beat the shoreline, washing away the cleansing sand.
A lone vessel tried to steer away, was crushed on the rocks, left to stand.

It couldn’t survive the beating, all alone.
It sat submerged on a barren reef, its hull almost gone.

A fisherman saw the boat rebuilt it with a loving goal in mind.
He sanded, polished and the vessel’s loveliness began to unwind.

It was remodeled, the vessel was no longer stranded in dire.
On the cold clammy rocks, no longer did it retire.

For the fisherman took time to rebuild the boat with great dedication,
While cruel waves wait to entrap another helpless vessel in its cruel

Poet Dorothy  Copyrighted 2000


Against All Odds