A Christian’s Prayer

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Poem, Prayer

Lord, let the treasures I seek be the heavenly kind,
With each thought that I think, keep your will in mind.
Please make the words, that I speak, lead some lost soul
Away from the world and into your fold.

Lord, keep me humble, to help those in need.
Don’t let my heart fill with envy and greed.
Give me compassion; more love, faith, and trust.
Keep me far away from hate, sin, and lust.

This is a Christians prayer everyday;
To let our light shine and show someone the way.
Now, there may be times when I stumble, and fall.
But, I’m only human, Lord, you know, after all.

Lord, lift me up when my spirits are low.
Please give me only the good seeds to sow.
Bless me with Faith, Hope, and Love; Lord, I pray.
Now, this is a Christian’s prayer everyday.

©  by Vickie Lambdin vlambdin@2geton.net


A Christian’s Prayer