Tommy Boldt

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Anger

This brings to mind a story told about Tommy Bolt who was on the professional golfing tour in the 1950’s. Tommy had earned the reputation of being a man of anger. He earned his reputation by throwing and breaking golf clubs.

One tournament Tommy drew a caddie who had a reputation for talking. When Tommy introduced himself he told the caddie not to talk on the course and only speak to him as “yes, Mr. Bolt” and “No, Mr. Bolt.” The rules were set – Tommy was in charge!

Near the end of the tournament Tommy was within site of first place. But as things go he hit a ball and it appeared to stop by a big tree. For his recovery shot Tommy had to look long and hard how to hit the ball without hitting branches and still make the green.

Tommy looked at the shot then his caddie, “Shall I hit a five iron?” The caddie replied as instructed. “No, Mr. Bolt.” Angered by the fact that the caddie did not agree with him Tommy hit the ball with a five iron and landed within a few feet of the pin. “There, how did you like that?” Said, Tommy. “Now you may talk.”

The caddie looked at the ball on the green and back at the spot under the tree where it was hit and said, “Mr. Bolt, that was not your ball!” His anger cost Tommy Bolt two strokes for hitting the wrong ball, first place and more money than most people make in ten years of employment.

Most of the time when I see people who are controlled by anger there decision-making process is stunted. In this case Tommy’s anger did not allow him to listen and take advice from his caddie.

Sometimes It’s like that with God’s people too! A pastor teaches on how to overcome anger but the ones who could use the advice are so angry they don’t hear it. They are blinded by anger. Their anger ties them up to the point that they no longer have a teachable spirit.

Many times when uncontrolled anger reigns unkind things happen, ultimately destroying relationships and placing the angry one out of the will of God.

Prayer: Father, help me to control my anger so I do not hurt others. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Dr. Paul Fritz


Tommy Boldt