Through the Eyes of Faith

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Faith, Poem

Though the pathway is rugged, footsore I am.
I know the Great Shepherd is watching over this lamb.

Weary body yearns to lay down my burdens, forever rest.
It continues to climb life’s difficult crest.

Limbs have ceased to function, pain is my levee.
Only my Master can set this infirmity free.

Looking to each horizon, eyes cast to the sky.
Yearning to develop angel wings, away fly.

I feel his power coursing through every vein.
Through the eyes of faith, healing is just the next plain.

Dorothy E. Scott 
Copyrighted 2001
Changing Winds Of Brendaw

Dorothy Scott – My name is Poet Dorothy E. Scott I have been writing since five years old. I have a deep love for the Lord. He’s been my copilot for a long while. I am a compassionate poet. I write poetry for all who need it. I currently have 52 books in seven years. I am a sick poet but know God is there and faith. Some of my work is used at an online magazine “Chrysalis.” I have my own poetry corner in a magazine Almshouse Newsmagazine. I will soon be featured on  as a poet too.  Poetry is a gift from God and for God. God Bless You!  Poet Dorothy


Through the Eyes of Faith