The Sweetest Comfort

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Comfort, Poem

I seek my comfort from above.
It has a lifetime guarantee,
Encircled by His precious love,
Through all eternity.

I know His love won’t let me down.
When I was lost, His grace I found.
If I’m in doubt, He’s always there
To give me tender loving care.  

And, when I’m sad, He comes around
To replace this sorrow that I’ve found.
He brightens up my very soul.
He is the half that makes me whole.  

He reaches down, with a gentle touch,
And says,  I love you, oh, so much.
“Come and I will give you peace.
In my loving arms, you’ll find relief.”  
The sweetest comfort, we can afford,

Comes from above.  His name is ‘Lord’!  
In my distress, I cried unto the Lord,
And He heard me.
Psalms 120:1  

May God bless, and comfort you.

© 2002 by Vickie Lambdin


The Sweetest Comfort