The Property Next Door

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Example, Generosity

Once, when pastoring a church in Middle-Georgia, we were faced with the need of relocating our church because of a number of factors. After fasting with prayer in seeking God’s Wisdom as to the best course to take, I remember one Sunday while in morning worship service, I was impressed to select a search committee, and tell the church that by Wednesday night prayer meeting we would have some new property on which to build for God’s glory.’

Monday evening I called each member of the search team, and each one had basically the same answer, “Brother Jenkins, we haven ‘t found anything yet.” My response to them was, “Don ‘t worry, by Wednesday night we will have our new property.”

On Tuesday evening the response was close to the same as the day before, except for one aspect, each one seemed concerned as to how I was so positive about knowing we would have some property by prayer meeting on Wednesday night.

God’s Word teaches us that we have not, because we ask not. However, if we do ask we must do so in faith without wavering. Because if we ask, and then somewhere begin to question as to the how, or when this might happen, we create an element of doubt and doubt will always bring a hindrance to God’s Provisions! The premise on which we built our faith was,

1. We needed larger facilities because we had outgrown our current ones.

2. The main worship building was old, built years before and would need major repair if we remained there.

3. And, too we felt God should have the best for His people in which to worship Him!

Well, here it is Wednesday. I’ve spent the biggest part of the morning visiting the hospital and those sick in their homes. Later that day somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, I felt impressed to stop by and visit a businesswoman who owned one of the more successful businesses in town.

The unique thing about this lady was her love for God and the Church. She was a widow, and she belonged to the 1st. United Methodist church in the town where we were.

We became friends over a period of time through teaching her son to play the guitar. Along with being one of the nicest women I had ever met, she was also one of the most spiritually inclined. Often, I would stop by her office and have her to include different things on her prayer list.

On this particular Wednesday afternoon, I was impressed to stop by and ask her if she knew of any property for sale that would be suitable for relocating our church. Also, I was going to ask her to put it on her prayer list.

As we sat in her office talking about the prayer request, she paused a moment and asked, “Brother Jenkins, have you ever considered the property next door?” And to be very honest with her, I said, “No ma ‘am, I really haven ‘t.” And the amazing thing about all of this is, I had never once in all of the times I visited her place of business ever took notice of the property adjacent her buildings.

To get a true picture of the setting, get this image in your mind. Here we have some enormous buildings on a major U.S. highway, just on the edge of town that took up a half of a block, and beside them was a lot that took up the rest of the block. When she asked me about the site next to her place, and I replied that I had not noticed it, she asked me to walk outside with her to look at it.

We left her office and walked across the showroom floor, out front across the lawn to the lot next door. What I saw absolutely almost took my breath! And the amazing thing was, that as many times as I had passed this property, even when visiting her, I never noticed it!

What I saw was a perfect piece of land for a church building! It had already been leveled, cleaned up and made ready for any type of construction! The possibilities for that property were astounding! This little Methodist widow looked at me, and asked, “Brother Jenkins, do you like it?” I said, “Like it? Yes, Ma ‘am, I do! It is a perfect location for a church, and for the Glory of God!” She then looked at me and asked, “Do you think Bro. Jenkins, your people would like it?” I assured her they absolutely would be more than grateful!

As we talked and walked over the grounds, I found myself asking the Lord to touch her heart with regards to what kind of money she felt she had to have for the property.

As we stopped and looked at each other, I said, “Sister F” What do you feel you would have to get for the land?” She looked at me, and after pausing for a few moments, she said, “Brother Jenkins, I don ‘t know any of your people personally. I feel comfortably sure some have been in my business, and bought items, or accessories for which lam grateful.” Now, here comes the beautiful part and remember, “GOD WILL PROVIDE!!.”

She continued, “However You have been a friend to me and my son, and a true spiritual blessing! I’ll tell you what, You come by my office in the morning, and I will have you a “Clear Title Deed” to the property! I just know that what you and your church will build, will be to the Glory of God!!!”

You talk about having trouble finding the gas peddle in the car, man all I could do was praise God for revealing His glorious Grace and Strength once again by fulfilling the Provisions He had placed within the Covenant of Jesus Christ!!!

Incidentally, one of the leading men of the city asked her if she had lost her mind when he found she had given the property to us at no cost!! She told him no, that she felt impressed of God to do so, and she would do it all over again if the Lord told her to do so! By the way, her business tripled in the next three months because of her obedience in planting the seed that God told her to sow!!

Praise God for those who are obedient!!! Remember, He said, “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land!!!” This little widow was a living example that God is conscious of everything we give for His honor, and glory!

Also, she was living proof that all resources are at God’s disposal, and He will provide the channels through which we are blessed! He will provide your needs and desires, if you will trust and obey! We provide the trust, and obedience, and He will provide the means through which we are blessed!!!

DO WE HAVE A WITNESS? Yes, yes, yes! And there are countless numbers of you who could testify to the same graces of God!!!

Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins, With Permission, God Will Provide! P. 250 -254.

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The Property Next Door