The Many Hungry Children of the World

by | Jun 3, 1999 | God's Hands, Helping

Anne was only six years old when she began going to a private Christian school, with her sister, Angelique, who was almost eight.

Anne had always had a round angelic, chubby face, as were her arms, and legs, unlike her sister, who had always been thin. They were figuratively speaking, “joined at the hip!” She followed her sister every where, I thought.!

Suddenly, she began showing a ravenous appetite at dinner. Despite this, she kept losing weight. My angel’s round and chubby face, as were her arms and legs thinning, more and more.

As my concern began turning into anxiety, I asked Angelique to keep a closer eye on her sister at lunch time, while at school. Knowing how vigilant Angelique was of her, I waited for results.

Days went by, as they readied for school, and I for work, daily, which took me away from home in the early 5:30AM traffic.

One day after dinner, I sat with the children to see how their homework, school, and activities were progressing, when I got my answer. One I did not expect, but which touched my heart.

Angelique said, :”Mom, you know how you have always told us how many hungry children there are in the world?” I said, “Yes.” She said, ” We have a poor box at school for donations. Instead of eating her lunch, Anne has been dropping it in there!” (The poor box was actually for money donations, but Anne, thought its contents were being delivered, daily, to hungry children!)

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The Many Hungry Children of the World