The Keychain

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Faith, God's Plans, Prayer

Our married daughter had been raised in a Christian home and was herself a believer. After getting married and starting a family she rededicated her life to the Lord. A busy housewife and mother of two little boys she found herself with little time and a feeling of inadequacy in being much of a Christian witness. She began to pray the Lord would open up opportunities for her to tell others of her faith and love for him.

On a stop one day at the Bible Book Store she spotted a key chain, Praise The Lord it was inscribed. Did she dare spend five dollars on something she really didn’t need? But wouldn’t that be a subtle way to witness? It wouldn’t be offensive to anyone, and yet she could get her point across. Even total strangers would be aware of her faith, without her having to say a single word. Perhaps this was the start on her way to being the kind of witness she wanted to be.

Her husband took her car to his office one evening a few nights later. It was a cold night and before returning home he ran out turning the car on to warm up. He went back inside for only a few moments. When going back outside he found the car was gone.

That evening my daughter and her husband discussed the disappearance of their car. They talked of the possibility of it being found stripped, if even found at all. So that night in her prayers she asked that God would return it to them unharmed.

The next morning early they received a phone call. Someone across town had found their car parked in their driveway with the doors open, keys in it and it still running. There was not a scratch on the car. The only thing missing was the Key Chain, Praise The Lord.

We never know how or in what subtle way our lives may reach out to others. God can take the simplest occurrences and magnify their effect. Prayers too are far reaching they can have consequences of great magnitude. We should never forget also, that in faith, mountains have moved.

My name is Betty King; my husband and I live in Phoenix AZ. I have been published on Heartwarmers, Petwarmers, Warm Fuzzy Stories and other Internet sites. I have also been published in newspapers, magazines and am working on a collection of short stories for a future book.


The Keychain