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Everybody was crowding the door waiting for me to open it. They pushed, shoved, spit, and a swatted at each other. Each kitty trying to be the first one out the kitty door into the cool, breezy morning air.

The kitty door is broken and we have to tape it up on the inside of the house so the kitties can come and go at will. We close it every night around 9:00pm about an hour before dark. When my husband closed it last night the tape got away from him and flopped outside the door. Oh, well. No big deal!

No big deal? This morning it was a big deal. When I opened the kitty door and was untangling the tape there was a Praying Mantis stuck to the tape. The poor baby must have spent the night without food or water. At first I thought it was dead. I touched it gently as I thought how sad it was for God’s beautiful, gentle creature to die stuck to a piece of tape. It moved! Oh, my! It moved!

Its whole body was stuck as well as its delicate legs. In my heart I heard it plea for help.

The only thing I had handy was a screwdriver. I knew my fingers were too big and clumsy to free it without hurting it more. I laid the tape, mantis side up, on my knee. Then I said a prayer for this small friend of the garden. Gently as I could I pried its body loose. It tried to stand. Then I loosened one back leg. It looked like the mantis stretched it as if to say, “Wonderful.” Next came the other back leg and then one front leg. It struggled and the back leg I loosened was again caught on the tape. I loosened it. Then came the last leg, the other front one that was bent and stuck tightly to the tape. This is going to be very difficult to free without tearing of the leg. I said another prayer.

God tells us in his word that we don’t receive anything good because we don’t ask him for it. He also tells us every creature he has created is important to him, because he loves all that he created. We are God’s creation. And, God even loves those who do not love him! This one little Praying Mantis is only one of trillions or more God created for our world. Yet, this one small creature is important to Him.

Slowly, gently I tried loosening the front leg. I thought about how painful it must be all twisted like it was, and how brave the mantis was to endure such pain. I truly believe it knew I was trying to help it. Gently, gently I pried it upward, praying all the time for Jesus to help me free this bug from its torture. All of a sudden it was free! Praise God! It is free! I took it to a green bush in the front yard, and it seemed to thank me for all I had done for it. This is how a new Christian feels when he asks God into his heart and worships Jesus as his personal savior. His heart and mind will shout, “I’m free!” “Jesus has set me free!”

Like the mantis we still suffer the consequences of our mistakes or carelessness. We fly into the traps that are set all over this world. They ensnare us and we can’t get free by ourselves. We need help! That help is God and his son, Jesus. If you do not know Jesus as your personal savior then why not give Him a try? What can you lose? Just talk to God and tell him you are sorry for the things you have done that were wrong. He will listen, and if you are truly sincere, you will be forgiven. Then ask for Jesus to be a part of your life and come to dwell in your heart.

Jesus will come to live in your heart. This is not just a saying! It is true. He takes up residence within each one who asks him to do so. His spirit will guide and direct you through your life if you let him. God is a life-changer! He wants you to live the best life you can and He will help you do it. But, you have to ask God for this free gift. He will not force himself on you.

No sooner had the door been taped open till the kitties all rush back into the house. Someone got hit with a raindrop! Oh, my! Rain in the middle of summer? The weather has been over 100*F and now rain? All five fur-babies climbed through the door. I know the rain will stop soon. It is just enough to give water to the Praying Mantis. Then they will all crowd back out. Kitty cats! What funny, loving little creatures of God.

By Mary Baxter

June 29, 2002

I love to write for a hobby. It gives me a chance to record things for my family. Short stories are best, I feel, because people are so busy nowadays. Family have told me they like these stories because they can be read quickly during a lunch break at work or home. I hope you, too, will enjoy my writings. Have a blessed day!