Someone Stole Baby Jesus

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Christmas, Love, Poem

Someone stole Baby Jesus from the manger on the lawn.
When the preacher came to church, he found the baby gone.
He said with anger in his sermon that the baby had been taken.
His faith in human kind had certainly been shaken.

After church, still breathing flames, like a literary dragon,
He met Tommy on the sidewalk playing with a new red wagon.
Tommy was so happy it thawed the preacher’s heart.
But what he saw inside the wagon gave him quite a start.

“It was you stole Baby Jesus, what an evil thing to do!”
Tommy said, “But Pastor, I thought everybody knew.
I asked Jesus for this wagon,” as he patted it with pride.
I told him if I got it I would let him have first ride!

By R. Wayne Edwards, December 1998


Someone Stole Baby Jesus