Silver Bells Ringing

by | Jun 3, 1999 | God's Hands, Judging, Poem

I hear silver bells ringing, though I sit here in my tattered coat.
On the trees icicles hang, glistening in the street light.
I see snowflakes drifting, many shapes afloat.
Many holiday decorations are brightening the night.

In the street I hear carolers singing with such Christmas cheer.
While I spend my time rummaging trash bins for aluminum cans to sell.
I might make enough money to buy me a new blanket this year.
My world crashed, the day my company bankrupted, tilted my financial scale

My store-bought sneakers adorn holes, someday soon I’ll have saved enough money for a new pair.
Blue jeans have been patched so many times, supporting own tune. I can remember hearing my wife saying I love you with care.

I hear the silver bells ringing, my hands are so very cold.
My heart feels such warmth, I am not the only homeless you see.
While I am poor here, someday I’ll be rich in the streets of gold.
There are many on the streets, homeless like me.

Dorothy E. Scott  Copyrighted 2001

My name is Poet Dorothy E. Scott I have been writing since five years old. I have a deep love for the Lord. He’s been my copilot for a long while. I am a compassionate poet. I write poetry for all who need it. I currently have 52 books in seven years. I am a sick poet but know God is there and faith. Some of my work is used at an online magazine “Chrysalis.” I have my own poetry corner in a magazine Almshouse Newsmagazine. I will soon be featured on as a poet too. Poetry is a gift from God and for God. God Bless You! Poet Dorothy


Silver Bells Ringing